Bands and Agencies in the Enfranchisement OICs

Canadian Indigenous Bands and Agencies mentioned in the Enfranchisement Orders in Council

The Indigenous persons named in the enfranchisement Orders in Council from 1878 to 1969 belonged to the Bands and Agencies in the list below.  This list is not complete.

Library and Archives Canada have digitized many records related to Indigenous Bands.  To search for records related to a band follow the instructions given in the link to the Library and Archives blog about enfranchisement shown below.  Use the name of the band instead of the person's name:

The persons mentioned in the enfranchisement Orders in Council we photographed and indexed with surnames from A to M is here:  Surnames A - M  

The persons mentioned in the enfranchisement Orders in Council we photographed and indexed with surnames from N to Z is here:  Surnames N - Z

In the list below we have included all variations of the names of the Bands and Agencies as they are shown in the enfranchisement Orders in Council we have indexed.  This list is not complete:

BAND NAME                        AGENCY NAME

Abenakis of Becancour          Becancour

Abenakis of Becancour          Odanak-Lorette

Abenakis of Becancour           Pierreville

Abenakis of St. Francis          Pierreville

Abitibi        Abitibi

Abitibi Dominion              Abitibi

Abitibi Ontario        Abitibi

Acadia   Shubenacadie

Adams Lake          Kamloops

Adams Lake        Thompson River

Afton    Shubenacadie

Ahousaht            West Coast

Ahtahkakoops (Sandy Lake)        Duck Lake


Aishihik                        Yukon

Aklavik  Aklavik

Aklavik  Mackenzie

Albany          James Bay

Alderville             Peterborough

Alexander           Edmonton

Alexander           Edmonton/Hobbema

Alexander's          Edmonton

Alexandria          Williams Lake

Alexis           Edmonton

Alexis    Edmonton/Hobbema

Alexis Creek       Williams Lake

Alexix    Edmonton

Algonkians of Golden Lake          Golden Lake

Algonkins of Golden Lake         Golden Lake

Algonquins of Golden Lake          Golden Lake

Alkali Lake          Williams Lake


Alnwick                                Alnwick

Alnwick               Mud and Rice Lakes

Alnwick                              Rice and Mud Lakes         


Amalgamated Rainy River            Fort Frances

Amalgamated Walpole Island          Walpole Island

Ambroise Tete Noir        Fort Vermilion

Ambrose Tete Noir          Fort Vermilion

Ambrose Tete Noir         Lesser Slave Lake

Ambrose Tete Noir (Boyer)         Fort Vermilion

Ambrose Tete Noire       Lesser Slave Lake

Anaham          Williams Lake

Anderson Lake  Vancouver

Annapolis Valley               Shubenacadie

Anderson Lake           Vancouver

Arctic Red River                         Aklavik

Arctic Red River                         District of Mackenzie

Arctic Red River          Fort Norman

Arctic Red River (Loucheux No. 6)             Aklavik

Arctic River         Fort Norman

Argonaut             Timiskaming      

Ashcroft               Kamloops

Assabaska          Fort Frances

Assabaska           Kenora

Atlin/Teslin          Stikine

Atlin-Teslin         Stikine

Atlin-Teslin          Yukon

Atlin Teslin          Yukon

Attawapiscat          James Bay

Attawapiskat          James Bay

Barren Land            The Pas

Barren Lands          The Pas

Barriere          Maniwaki 

Barriere Lake     Abitibi

Barriere Lake     Maniwaki


Batchewana          Garden River

Batchewana          Sault Ste. Marie

Batchewana (Agawa)     Sault Ste. Marie

Batchewana (Agawa Branch)          Sault Ste. Marie                                                                                           

Batchewana Bay

Bathurst (Papineau)       Miramichi           

Bay of Quinte Mohawk        Six Nations

Bay of Quinte Mohawks                       Six Nations

Bear River           Shubenacadie

Beardy           Duck Lake

Beardy and Okemasis        Duck Lake

Beardys                          Duck Lake

Beardy's               Duck Lake

Beardy's and Okemasis         Duck Lake

Bearfoot Onondaga          Six Nations


Beausoleil           Christian Island

Beausoleil Island              Christian Island

Beaver          Lesser Slave Lake

Beaver, Horse Lake          Fort St. John

Beaver Band of Horse Lakes        Lesser Slave Lake

Beaver Lake          Edmonton

Beaver Lake       Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Beaver of Fort St. John        Fort St. John

Beaver of Horse Lake and Clear Hills        Fort St. John

Beaver of Horse Lake and Clear Hills        Lesser Slave Lake

Beaver of Horse Lakes          Lesser Slave Lake

Beaver of Horse Lakes and Clear Hills         Fort St. John

Beaver of Horse Lakes and Clear Hills      Lesser Slave Lake

Beecher Bay          Cowichan

Beecher Bay          Edmonton

Bella Bella          Bella Coola

Bella Coola          Bella Coola

Berens River      Clandeboye

Bersimis          Bersimis

Big Cove          Miramichi

Big Island             Kenora

Big River               Shellbrook

Big River (Kinematayo)          Duck Lake

Big River (Kinematayo)          Shellbrook


Bigstone              Lesser Slave Lake

Bigstone (Wabasca)          Lesser Slave Lake


Birdtail          Portage la Prairie

Birdtail Sioux          Portage la Prairie

Black River          Clandeboye

Blackfoot             Blackfoot

Blackfoot             Blackfoot/Stony-Sarcee

Blood          Blood

Blood    Blood/Peigan

Bloodvein          Clandeboye

Blue Quills          Saddle Lake

Bonaparte          Kamloops

Bonaparte           Thompson River

Boothroyd          Lytton  

Boston Bar

Boston Bar          Lytton

Boyer River         Fort Vermilion

Boyer River (Ambroise-Tete-Noir)           Fort Vermilion

Brennan Lake          Temiskaming

Bridge River          Lytton

Brokenhead          Clandeboye

Brunswick House          Chapleau

Buffalo Point          Fort Frances

Burns Lake          Burns Lake

Burnt Church         Miramichi

Burrard                 Fraser

Burrard          Vancouver

Burwash          Yukon

Caldwell          Caradoc

Caldwell          Moravian

Campbell River          Kwawkewlth

Canim Lake         Williams Lake

Canoe Creek      Williams Lake

Canoe Lake         Battleford

Canoe Lake         Meadow Lake

Canyon City        Terrace

Cape Croker

Cape Croker          Bruce

Cape Croker       Cape Croker

Cape Mudge        Kwawkewith


Carcross          Yukon

Caribou Lake      Sioux Lookout

Carmacks          Yukon

Carry the Kettle          File Hills-Qu'Appelle

Casca     Stikine

Casca     Yukon

Caughnawaga        Caughnawaga

Cayoose Creek          Lytton

Champagne          Yukon

Chapel Island     Eskasoni

Chapleau          Chapleau

Chapleau Cree       Chapleau

Chapleau Creek                Chapleau

Chapleau-Ojibway           Chapleau

Cheam          Fraser

Cheam          Lytton     

Cheam          New Westminster

Chehalis          Fraser

Chehalis          New Westminster

Chemahawin     The Pas

Chemainus          Cowichan

Chemawawin          The Pas

Cheslatta             Burns Lake

Cheslatta             Stuart Lake


Chipewyan         Athabasca

Chipewyan         Chipewyan

Chipewyan         Fort Chipewyan

Chipewyan          Fort Resolution

Chipewyan         Fort Smith

Chipewyan          Yellowknife

Chipewyan (Cold Lake)          Saddle Lake

Chipewyan (Fitzgerald and Smith)            Athabaska

Chipewyan (Fitzgerald and Smith)            Fort Smith

Chipewyan (Fitzgerald & Smith)          Athabaska

Chipewyan (Fitzgerald & Smith)                        Fort Smith

Chipewyan (Fitzgerald-Smith)          Athabaska

Chipewyan (Fort Chipewyan)       Athabaska

Chipewyan (Resolution)          Yellowknife

Chipewyan Fitzgerald-Smith          Athabaska

Chipewyan Fort Smith        Athabaska

Chipewyan of Fort Fitzgerald and Fort Smith       Fort Smith

Chipewyan Resolution       Yellowknife

Chipewyans of Fitzgerald and Smith        Fort Smith

Chipewyans of Fort Fitzgerald and Fort Smith            Athabaska                                   

Chippewa of the Saugeen

Chippewa of the Thames          Caradoc

Chippewas and Pottawatomies of Walpole Island        Walpole Island

Chippewas of Beausoleil          Christian Island     

Chippewas of Beausoleil Island      Christian Island

Chippewas of Georgina and Snake Island       Georgina Islands

Chippewas of Georgina and Snake Islands            Georgina Island

Chippewas of Georgina Island         Georgian Bay

Chippewas of Georgina Island         Simcoe

Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point      Sarnia

Chippewas of Kettle and Stony Point      St. Clair

Chippewas of Nawah         Cape Croker

Chippewas of Nawash       Bruce

Chippewas of Nawash       Cape Croker

Chippewas of Rama          Rama

Chippewas of Rama          Simcoe

Chippewas of Sarnia

Chippewas of Sarnia          Sarnia

Chippewas of Sarnia       St. Clair

Chippewas of Saugeen         Bruce            

Chippewas of Saugeen          Saugeen

Chippewas of Snake Island          Georgina Island               

Chippewas of the Saugeen         

Chippewas of the Thames          

Chippewas of the Thames           Caradoc

Chippewas of Walpole Island          Walpole Island

Christian Island      Christian Island

Churchill               Nelson River

Clayoquot           West Coast

Clayquot          West Coast

Clear Lake

Clinton            Lytton        

Cockburn Island               

Cockburn Island                         Manitoulin Island

Cold Lake             Saddle Lake

Cold Lake             Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Cold Lake (Chipewyan)       Saddle Lake

Coldwater           Nicola

Columbia Lake          Kootenay

Columbia Lake   Kootenay-Okanagan

Comox          Kwawkewlth

Constance Lake          Chapleau

Constance Lake                        Nakina

Cooks Ferry          Nicola

Cook's Ferry          Nicola

Cook's Ferry       Thompson River

Coquitlam           Fraser


Cote          Pelly

Cote      Yorkton               

Couchiching          Fort Frances

Cowessess          Crooked Lake

Cowessess          Crooked Lakes

Cowichan-Khenipsen        Cowichan

Crane River         Brandon

Crane River          Dauphin

Cree          Athabaska

Cree         Fort Smith

Cree         Lesser Slave Lake

Cree         Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Cree (Little Red River)         Fort Vermilion

Cree-Chipewyan          Edmonton

Cree-Little Red River          Fort Vermilion

Cree Little Red River       Fort Vermilion

Creekside          Vancouver

Cross Lake           Norway House

Crow          Yukon


Cumberland House         Carlton

Cumberland House         The Pas

Curve Lake          Peterborough

Dalles          Kenora

Dawson          Yukon

Day Star          Touchwood

Deadman's Creek            Kamloops

Deadman's Creek            Thompson River

Decker Lake          Burns Lake

Decker Lake          Stuart Lake

Deer Lake            Sioux Lookout

Delaware          Six Nations

Delaware of the Six Nations           Six Nations

Delaware Six Nations        Six Nations

Dog-Rib                          Fort Resolution

Dog Rib Rae        District of Mackenzie

Dog Rib Rae        Mackenzie

Dog Rib Rae        Yellowknife

Dog Rib "Rae"          Fort Resolution

Dog Rib Rae "F"          Fort Resolution

Dogrib Rae          Yellowknife

Dokis          Nipissing

Dokis          Sturgeon Falls

Dominion Abitibi              Abitibi

Douglas                Fraser

Douglas                          New Westminster

Douglas Lake          Nicola

Driftpile          Lesser Slave Lake

Duncan          Lesser Slave Lake

Duncan's          Lesser Slave Lake

Eagle Lake

Eagle Lake          Kenora

Ebb and Flow     Brandon

Ebb and Flow          Dauphin

Edmundston      Saint John River

Edmundston      St. John River

Edmundston          Tobique

Eel Ground         Miramichi

Ehattesaht          West Coast

English River          Meadow Lake

Enoch          Edmonton

Enoch          Edmonton/Hobbema                              


Ermineskin          Edmonton/Hobbema

Ermineskin          Hobbema

Eskasoni          Eskasoni

Esquimalt            Cowichan

Euchinico          Stuart Lake           


Fairford          Fisher River             

Fairford                          Manitowapah

Fairford                          Portage la Prairie

Finlay River         Stuart Lake

Fisher River

Fisher River        Clandeboye/Fisher River

Fisher River        Fisher River

Fishing Lake          Touchwood

Fitz/Smith           District of Mackenzie

Fitz/Smith           Fort Smith

Flying Post          Chapleau

Fond du Lac          Athabaska

Fond du Lac          Meadow Lake                

Fort Alexander          Clandeboye

Fort Alexander  Clandeboye/Fisher River

Fort Chipewyan                          Athabaska

Fort Chipewyan                Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Fort Folly             Miramichi

Fort Franklin       Aklavik

Fort Franklin       District of Mackenzie

Fort Franklin       Fort Norman

Fort Franklin (Hare No. 4)             Aklavik

Fort George       Abitibi

Fort George       James Bay

Fort George       Stuart Lake

Fort Good Hope               Aklavik

Fort Good Hope (Hare No. 5)        Aklavik

Fort Good Hope (Hare No. 5)        Fort Norman

Fort Hope          Nakina

Fort Hope          Sioux Lookout

Fort Liard             District of MacKenzie

Fort Liard             Mackenzie

Fort Liard (Slave No. 8)          Fort Norman

Fort MacKay         Athabaska

Fort MacPherson (Loucheux No. 7)         Aklavik

Fort MacPherson (Loucheux No. 7)         Fort Norman

Fort McKay         Athabaska

Fort McKay         Edmonton

Fort McKay         Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Fort McMurray          Athabaska

Fort McMurray         Edmonton

Fort McMurray Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Fort McMurray (Cree-Chipewyan)           Edmonton

Fort McPherson                         Aklavik

Fort McPherson               District of Mackenzie

Fort McPherson          Fort Norman

Fort McPherson                         Mackenzie

Fort McPherson (Loucheux No. 7)          Aklavik

Fort McPherson (Loucheux No. 7)          Fort Norman

Fort Nelson        Fort St. John

Fort Nelson Slave          Fort St. John

Fort Norman          Fort Norman

Fort Providence                          District of Mackenzie

Fort Providence                          Fort Smith

Fort Providence                          Mackenzie District

Fort Providence (Slave "E")          Yellowknife

Fort Severn        Sioux Lookout

Fort Simpson          Fort Norman

Fort Simpson          Fort Simpson

Fort Simpson          Skeena River

Fort Simpson (Slave No. 2)           Aklavik

Fort Simpson (Slave No. 2)           Fort Norman

Fort Simpson (Slave No. 2)           Fort Simpson

Fort St. John       Fort St. John

Fort Vermilion          Fort Vermilion

Fort Vermilion (Tallcree)          Fort Vermilion

Fort Vermilion (Tallgrove)         Fort Vermilion     

Fort William

Fort William        Lakehead

Fort William          Port Arthur

Fort Wrigley       District of Mackenzie

Fort Wrigley       Fort Simpson

Fort Wrigley       Mackenzie

Fort Wrigley (Slave No. 3)             Aklavik

Fort Wrigley (Slave No. 3)             Fort Simpson

Fountain          Lytton

Fox Lake          Nelson River

Francois Lake       Stuart Lake

Fraser Lake         Stuart Lake

Frenchman's Head          Sioux Lookout

Frog Lake             Onion Lake

Frog Lake             Saddle Lake

Frog Lake             Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Gambler          Portage la Prairie 

Gambler's           Birtle

Gamblers          Portage la Prairie               

Garden River

Garden River          Garden River

Garden River          Sault Ste. Marie

Gaspe   Restigouche

General List        Edmonton/Hobbema

General List        Fort Frances

General List        Miramichi

General List        New Westminster

General List        Portage la Prairie

General List        Shubenacadie

General List        St. John River    

George Gordon's

Georgina Island                               

Georgina Island                         Georgina and Snake Island

Georgina Island          Georgina Island

Georgina Island                Simcoe


Gibson          Parry Sound

Gilford Island          Kwawkewith


Gitlakdamix          Skeena River

Gitlakdamix        Terrace

Glen Vowell        Babine

God's Lake          Island Lake

God's Lake          Nelson House

God's Lake          Nelson River     

God's Lake          Norway House

Gods Lake           Nelson River

Gordon                         Touchwood


Gordon's        Touchwood

Grand Lac Victoria            Abitibi  

Grand Rapids        The Pas

Grassy Narrows          Kenora

Grassy Narrows          Sioux Lookout

Greenville         Skeena River

Greenville           Terrace

Greenville (Lakalzap)      Terrace

Grouard          Lesser Slave Lake

Gull Bay                Lakehead

Gull Bay              Port Arthur

Hagwilget            Babine 


Halalt     Cowichan


Hare          Fort Norman

Hare No. 4          Fort Norman

Hare No. 4 (Fort Norman)          Fort Norman

Hare No. 5          Fort Norman

Hare No. 5 (Fort Good Hope)          Fort Norman

Hartley Bay         North Coast

Hartley Bay         Skeena River

Hay Lake and Upper Hay River        Fort Vermilion

Hay Lake and Upper Hay River (Slave)    Fort Vermilion

Hay River             Fort Smith

Hay River (Slave D)          Yellowknife

Hazelton              Babine

Heart Lake          Edmonton

Heart Lake          Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Henvey Inlet

Henvey Inlet        Parry Sound

Hesquiaht          West Coast

Hiawatha             Peterborough

High Bar               Lytton  

High Bar             Williams Lake      

Hollow Water       Clandeboye

Homalco              Fraser

Homalco          Vancouver

Homaloo          Babine

Homaloo          Vancouver

Hope          New Westminster

Hudson Hope    Fort St. John

Hudson Hope of West Moberly Lake       Fort St. John

Hungry Hall No. 1          Fort Frances

Hurons of Lorette            Jeune Lorette

Hurons of Lorette            Lorette

Ignace          Sioux Lookout

Indian Island          Miramichi

Iroquois of Caughnawaga             Caughnawaga

Iroquois of Oka        Caughnawaga

Iroquois of Oka        Oka

Iroquois of St. Regis          St. Regis

Island Lake          Island Lake

Island Lake          Norway House

Isle Vert and Viger           Viger

Isle Verte and Viger        New Brunswick North

Isle Verte and Viger        Viger


Islington          Kenora

Jackhead             Clandeboye/Fisher

Jackhead          Fisher River           

James Seenum

James Seenum          Saddle Lake

James Smith          Duck Lake

James Smiths         Duck Lake

Janvier         Edmonton

Janvier          Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Janvier (Stragglers)          Edmonton

John O'Chiese         Stony/Sarcee

John Smith          Duck Lake

John Smith's

John Smith's       Duck Lake

Joseph Bighead                         Maniwaki

Joseph Bighead                         Meadow Lake

K. Seneca            Six Nations

Kahkewistahaw                          Crooked Lake

Kahkewistahaw                Yorkton

Kamloops          Kamloops

Kanaka Bar          Lytton

Katzie    Fraser

Katzie            New Westminster

Keeheewin          Saddle Lake

Keeseekoose          Pelly

Keeseekoowenin          Birtle

Keeseekoowenin          Brandon

Keeseekoowenin          Portage la Prairie

Keesekoose          Pelly

Kehewin              Saddle Lake

Kehewin              Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Kettle and Stony Point          Sarnia

Kettle Point        Sarnia

Key          Pelly

Key        Yorkton

Khenipsen-Cowichan          Cowichan

Kincolith               North Coast

Kincolith          Skeena River

Kingsclear            Kingsclear

Kingsclear            Saint John River

Kingsclear            St. John River

Kinistino          Touchwood

Kipawa         Timiskaming

Kippewa          Temiskaming

Kispiox          Babine

Kispiox  Babine

Kitamaat              Bella Coola

Kitamaat              Terrace

Kitasoo Bella Coola

Kitimaat               Terrace

Kitkatla                North Coast

Kitkatla                 Skeena River

Kitsegukla           Babine

Kitselas                 Skeena River

Kitselas                Terrace

Kitsumkalum         Skeena River

Kitsumkalum         Terrace

Kitwancool          Babine

Kitwanga             Babine

Klahoose             Fraser

Klahoose          Vancouver

Klaskino          Kwawkewlth

Kluskus          Stuart Lake

Konadaha Seneca            Six Nations

Kwawkewlth          Kwawkewlth

Kyuquot               West Coast

La Loche               Meadow Lake

Laberge          Yukon

Lac des Mille Lacs

Lac Des Mille Lacs          Golden Lake

Lac des Mille Lacs             Lakehead

Lac Des Mille Lacs          Port Arthur

Lac La Croix           Fort Frances

Lac La Hache           Carlton

Lac La Hache          The Pas

Lac La Ronge          Carlton

Lac la Ronge       Prince Albert

Lac Seul

Lac Seul                          Sioux Lookout

Lac Simon         Abitibi

Lac Simon            Maniwaki

Lakahahmen      Fraser

Lakalzap               Skeena River

Lakalzap               Terrace

Lakalzap (Greenville)          Skeena

Lakalzap (Greenville)          Skeena River

Lake Babine        Burns Lake

Lake Laberge         Yukon

Lake Manitoba          Clandeboye/Fisher River

Lake Manitoba          Fisher River

Lake Manitoba           Manitowapah

Lake Manitoba          Portage la Prairie

Lake of Two Mountains          Oka

Lake St. John          Pointe Bleue

Lake St. Martin  Clandeboye/Fisher

Lake St. Martin          Fisher River

Langley          Fraser

Langley         New Westminster

Le Pas

Lennox Island          Prince Edward Island

Liard & Francis Lake         Yukon

Liard River           Yukon

Lillooet         Lytton    

Little Black Bear               File Hills

Little Black Bear                File Hills-Qu'Appelle

Little Black River          Clandeboye

Little Black River          Clandeboye/Fisher River

Little Forks          Fort Frances

Little Grand Rapids          Clandeboye

Little Grand Rapids          Clandeboye/Fisher River

Little Pine            Battleford

Little Red River          Fort Vermilion

Little Red River (Cree)    Fort Vermilion

Little Red River Cree          Lesser Slave Lake

Little Saskatchewan        Clandeboye/Fisher River

Little Saskatchewan          Fisher River     

Little Saskatchewan          Manitowapah

Little Saskatchewan          Portage la Prairie

Little Saskatchewan River          Fisher River

Little Shuswap           Kamloops

Little Shuswap Lake        Kamloops

Little Shuswap Lake        Thompson River

Long Lac No. 58        Nakina

Long Lac No. 77        Nakina

Long Lake No. 58              Nakina

Long Lake No. 58              Port Arthur

Long Lake No. 77              Nakina

Long Lake No. 77              Port Arthur

Long Lake No. 77 (Martin Falls)         Nakina

Long Lake No. 77 (Martin Falls)          Port Arthur

Long Lake (Martin Falls) No. 77  Nakina

Long Plain          Portage la Prairie

Long Plain Sioux                Brandon

Long Plain Sioux                Portage la Prairie

Long Point           Abitibi

Long Point           Temiskaming

Long Sault No. 1                Fort Frances

Long Sault No. 2                Fort Frances

Loucheaux No. 6              Aklavik

Loucheux No. 6 (Arctic Red River)         Fort Norman

Louis Bull          Hobbema

Lower Cayuga          Brantford

Lower Cayuga          Six Nations

Lower Kootenay         Kootenay

Lower Mohawk          Six Nations

Lower Mohawk                Six Nations

Lower Mohawk Six Nations         Six Nations

Lower Mohawk, Six Nations        Six Nations

Lower Mohawks              Six Nations

Lower Nicola      Nicola

Lower Nicola      Thompson River

Lower Similkameen        Kootenay-Okanagan

Lower Similkameen        Okanagan

Lubicon          Lesser Slave Lake

Lubicon Lake          Lesser Slave Lake

Lyackson              Cowichan

Lytton          Lytton

Magnetawan          Parry Sound

Malahat               Cowichan

Mamalillikulla             Kwawkewlth

Manitou No. 2          Fort Frances

Manitoulin Island             Manitoulin Island

Manitoulin Island Unceded

Manitoulin Island Unceded         Manitoulin

Manitoulin Island Unceded         Manitoulin Island            

Manitoulin Island Unceded         Manitowaning

Manitoulin Unceded      Manitowaning

Maple Creek         

Maria          Restigouche

Martin Falls         Nakina

Martin Falls          Sioux Lookout

Masset          North Coast

Masset          Queen Charlotte

Masset          Skeena River

Massett          Queen Charlotte

Matachewan          Nipissing

Matachewan     Sturgeon Falls

Matachewan     Sudbury

Mathias Colomb               The Pas

Matsqui               Fraser

Matsqui               New Westminster

Mattagami          Chapleau

Matthias Colomb             The Pas

Maurice          Athabaska

Maurice          Fort Smith

Maxim Lake        Stuart Lake


Mayo          Whitehorse

Mayo         Yukon

Mayon          Yukon

McLeod                        Stuart Lake

McLeod Lake        Stuart Lake

Meadow Lake           Meadow Lake                          

Meanskinisht         Babine

Metlakatla          North Coast

Metlakatla          Skeena

Metlakatla          Skeena River

Michel          Edmonton

Michel Callihoo      Edmonton

Michel's          Edmonton


Michipicoten          Chapleau

Michipicoten          Garden River

Michipicoten          Sault Ste. Marie

Michipicoten River          Sault Ste. Marie

Micmac of Eskasoni         Eskasoni

Micmac of Shubenacadie             Shubenacadie

Micmacs of Maria          Restigouche

Micmacs of Nova Scotia General List       Shubenacadie

Micmacs of Shubenacadie           Shubenacadie

Middle River      Eskasoni

Millbrook             Shubenacadie

Missanabie         Chapleau

Missanabie Cree          Chapleau

Mississagua        Chapleau

Mississagua        Sault Ste. Marie

Mississagua of Alnwick

Mississagua of the Credit

Mississagua of the Credit             Six Nations

Mississagua River             Sault Ste. Marie

Mississaguas of Alnwick

Mississaguas of Alnwick                          Alnwick

Mississaguas of Alnwick                          Rice Lake

Mississaguas of Alnwick          Rice and Mud Lakes

Mississaguas of Mud Lake            Rice Lake

Mississaguas of Mud Lake            Rice and Mud Lakes

Mississaguas of Rice Lake             Rice Lake

Mississaguas of Rice Lake          Rice and Mud Lakes

Mississaguas of the Credit

Mississaguas of the Credit           Six Nations                                                         


Mississauga        Chapleau

Mississauga        Sault Ste. Marie

Mississauga        Thessalon           

Mississauga of Alnwick

Mississauga of Mud Lake                            

Mississauga of the Credit

Mississauga of the Credit             New Credit

Mississauga of the Credit             Six Nations

Mississauga River          Sault Ste. Marie                  

Mississaugas  Alnwick

Mississaugas of Alnwick              

Mississaugas of Alnwick                          Alnwick

Mississaugas of Alnwick                         Rice Lake

Mississaugas of Alnwick          Rice and Mud Lakes

Mississauga of Mud Lake

Mississaugas of Mud Lake          Rice Lake

Mississaugas of Mud Lake          Rice and Mud Lakes

Mississaugas of Rice Lake         Rice and Mud Lakes

Mississaugas of Rice Lake             Rice Lake

Mississaugas of Scugog          Georgina Island

Mississaugas of Scugog         Simcoe

Mississaugas of the Alnwick          Alnwick             

Mississaugas of the Credit

Mississaugas of the Credit           New Credit

Mississaugas of the Credit           Six Nations

Mistassini            Abitibi


Mistawasis          Carlton

Mistawasis          Duck Lake

Mistawasis          Shellbrook

Moberly Lake    Fort St. John

Moberly Lake (Saulteau)              Fort St. John                     

Mohawk of Hastings County      

Mohawk of the Bay of Quinte

Mohawk of the Bay of Quinte          Tyendinaga

Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte 

Mohawks of the Bay of Quinte          Tyendinaga

Montagnais of Lake St. John          Pointe Bleue

Montagnais of Pointe Bleue          Pointe Bleue

Montagnais of Seven Islands          Seven Islands

Montana             Edmonton/Hobbema

Montana             Hobbema

Montreal Lake          Carlton

Montreal Lake          Prince Albert

Montreal Lake (William Charles)                        Carlton

Moose       James Bay

Moose Deer Point           Parry Sound

Moose Factory          James Bay

Moose Lake       The Pas

Moose Point      Parry Sound

Moose Woods      Duck Lake


Moosomin          Battleford

Moravian             Moravian

Moravian of the Thames              Caradoc

Moravian of the Thames              London

Moravian of the Thames          Moravian

Moravians of the Thames                                                             

Moravians of the Thames          Caradoc

Moravians of the Thames          Moravian

Moricetown          Babine

Mosquite-Grizzly Bear's Head         Battleford

Mount Currie     Fraser

Mount Currie        Vancouver      

Mud Lake           

Mud Lake            Rice and Mud Lake

Mud Lake            Rice Lake

Munceys of the Thames                               Caradoc               

Muscowequan          Touchwood

Muscowpetung          File Hills-Qu'Appelle

Muskeg                          Duck Lake

Muskeg Lake           Duck Lake

Muskeg Lake          Shellbrook

Muskeg Lake (Petequakey)        Shellbrook

Muskeg Lake (Petequakeys)      Shellbrook

Muskeg Lake (Petequakey's)       Shellbrook

Muskowekwan Touchwood

Musqueam         Fraser

Musqueam          Vancouver

N. Seneca          Six Nations

Nanaimo              Cowichan

Nanoose              Cowichan

Nazko         Williams Lake

Necoslie               Stuart Lake

Nelson House          The Pas

Nelson River        Yukon River

Nemaiah              Williams Lake

Nemaiah Valley                          Williams Lake

Nemaska             Abitibi

Nescolie               Stuart Lake

Neskainlith          Kamloops

Neskainlith         Thompson River

New Credit        

New Credit         New Credit

New Post            James Bay

Nickickousemenecaning               Fort Frances

Nicomen              Nicola

Niharondasa Seneca       Six Nations


Nimpkish             Kwawkewith

Nipigon                            Nakina

Nipigon N.P.          Port Arthur

Nipigon V. P.         Nakina

Nipigon (V. P.)        Nakina

Nipigon V.P.          Port Arthur     

Nipissing              Nipissing

Nipissing              Sturgeon Falls

Nipissing              Sudbury

Nipissing General Membership List          Nipissing

Nitinaht          West Coast

Nooaitch              Nicola

Nooaitch              Thompson River

North Takla         Stuart Lake

North Takla Lake          Stuart Lake

North Thompson          Kamloops

North West Angle No. 33              Kenora

North West Angle No. 37              Kenora

Northwest Angle No. 37                               Kenora

North-West Angle No. 37             Kenora

Northwest Angle 33        Kenora

Northwest Angle No. 33               Kenora

Norway House

Norway House          Norway House

Nut Lake          Touchwood

Nuwitti           Kwawkewlth

Oak Lake              Portage la Prairie

Oak River             Portage la Prairie

Oak River Sioux          Brandon

Oak River Sioux         Port Arthur

Oak River Sioux          Portage la Prairie

Obedjiwan          Abitibi

Obedjiwan          Pointe-Bleue

Ochapowace          Crooked Lake               

Ochapowace          Crooked Lakes

Ochapowace          Yorkton

O'Chiese              Blackfoot/Stony-Sarcee

Odanak                Odanak-Lorette

Ohiet          West Coast

Ojibbewas of Lake Huron             Garden River

Ojibbewas of Lake Huron             Manitowaning  


Oka        Oka


Okanagan            Kootenay 

Okanagan            Kootenay/Okanagan

Okanagan            Okanagan

Okanese          File Hills-Qu'Appelle

Old Crow          Yukon

Old Factory         Abitibi

Old Factory         James Bay

Old Fort          Babine

Old Fort                Burns Lake

Omineca              Burns Lake

One Arrow          Duck Lake

Oneida          Six Nations

Oneida of the Thames        Caradoc

Oneida, Six Nations          Six Nations       

Oneidas of the Thames      Caradoc

Onion Lake         Battleford

Onion Lake          Meadow Lake

Onondaga Clear Sky        Six Nations

Opetchesaht      West Coast

Opetchsaht        West Coast

Oregon Jack       Kamloops

Oregon Jack Creek          Nicola

Oromocto           Kingsclear

Oromocto           Saint John River

Oromocto           St. John River

Osnaburgh          Sioux Lookout

Osoyoos              Kootenay-Okanagan

Osoyoos              Okanagan

Oweekano          Bella Coola

Oxford House          Island Lake

Oxford House          Nelson River

Oxford House          Norway House

Pabineau             Miramichi

Pacheenaht        West Coast

Parry Island        Parry Sound

Parry Sound       Parry Sound

Pasqua          File Hills-Qu'Appelle

Paul          Edmonton

Paul's        Edmonton

Pauquachin        Cowichan

Pavilion                Lytton

Pays Plat              Lakehead

Pays Plat             Port Arthur

Pays Plat              Thunder Bay


Peepeekeesis       File Hills

Peepeekeesis       File Hills-Qu'Appelle

Peepeekisis        File Hills-Qu'Appelle


Peguis        Clandeboye

Peguis        Clandeboye/Fisher River

Peguis        Fisher River

Peigan  Blood/Peigan

Peigan          Peigan

Pelican Lake          Duck Lake

Pelican Lake       Shellbrook

Pemberton         Vancouver

Penelakut          Cowichan

Penticton            Kootenay-Okanagan

Penticton          Okanagan

Pequis          Fisher River

Peter Ballandyne             The Pas               

Peter Ballantyne              Carlton

Peter Ballantyne              The Pas

Peter Ballendine

Peter Pond         Meadow Lake

Peter Pond Lake          Meadow Lake

Peters          New Westminster

Piapot          File Hills-Qu'Appelle

Pic          Chapleau

Pic          Port Arthur

Pic Heron Bay    Chapleau

Pic Heron Bay    Lakehead

Pic Heron Bay    Port Arthur

Pic-Heron Bay    Port Arthur

Pic Mobert          Chapleau

Pic-Mobert         Chapleau

Pictou Landing   Shubenacadie

Pikangikum          Sioux Lookout

Pinchi    Stuart Lake

Pine Creek          Brandon

Pine Creek          Dauphin

Pine Creek          Portage la Prairie

Point Grondin        Manitoulin Island

Point Grondin        Nipissing

Pointe Bleue          Pointe Bleue

Poorman             Touchwood

Popcum          New Westminster

Poplar River        Clandeboye

Poplar River        Norway House

Port Essington        Skeena River  

Port Essington       Stikine             

Port Essington        Skeena River

Port Simpson          North Coast

Port Simpson        Skeena River

Port Simpson          Vancouver

Portage La Loche          Meadow Lake

Poundmake          Battleford

Poundmaker          Battleford

Pukatawagan          The Pas

Pukatawagan (Mathias Colomb)                      The Pas

Qualicum             Cowichan

Quamichan          Cowichan

Quatsino        Kwawkewlth

Quesnel          Williams Lake

Rainy River          Fort Frances


Rama          Rama

Rat Portage          Kenora

Red Bank          Miramichi

Red Earth            Carlton

Red Pheasant        Battleford

Red Rock

Red Rock             Fort William

Red Rock             Lakehead

Red Rock             Port Arthur

Resolution             Mackenzie

Resolution "A"          Yellowknife

Resolution "A" (Yellowknife "A")          Yellowknife

Resolution A (Yellowknife A)      Yellowknife

Restigouche          Restigouche                                   

Rice Lake

River Desert          Abitibi

River Desert          Manitoulin Island         

River Desert          Maniwaki

River Dessert     Abitibi

Rocky Bay            Lakehead

Rocky Bay            Port Arthur

Rolling River          Portage la Prairie

Roseau River        Clandeboye

Roseau River          Portage la Prairie

Ross River           Yukon

Rosseau River          Portage la Prairie

Rupert House    Abitibi

Rupert House          James Bay

Ruperts' House         James Bay

Rupert's House         Treaty Nine

Saanich-Tsawout          Cowichan

Sabaskong          Fort Frances

Saddle Lake

Saddle Lake        Saddle Lake

Saddle Lake        Saddle Lake/Athabaska

Saint Mary's          Kingsclear

Saint Mary's       Saint John River

Saint Mary's       St. John River

Sakimahy             Crooked Lake

Sakimay          Crooked Lake

Sakimay               Yorkton

Samahquam       Fraser

Samahquam       New Westminster

Samson                Edmonton/Hobbema

Samson          Hobbema

Samson's             Hobbema

Sand Point          Port Arthur

Sandpoint           Port Arthur

Sandy Bay

Sandy Bay           Brandon

Sandy Bay          Dauphin

Sandy Bay           Manitowapah

Sandy Bay           Portage la Prairie

Sandy Lake         Duck Lake

Sandy Lake         Saskatoon

Sandy Lake         Shellbrook

Sandy Lake (Ahtahkakoop)          Shellbrook

Sandy Lake (Ahtahkakoops)        Duck Lake

Sandy Lake (Ahtahkakoops)        Shellbrook

Sandy Lake (Atakakoop)               Duck Lake

Sarcee          Stony-Sarcee

Sarcee         Stony/Sarcee


Sarnia         Sarnia


Saugeen              Bruce   

Saugeen              Saugeen

Saulteau              Fort St. John

Saulteau, Moberly Lake                          Fort St. John

Saulteau-Moberly Lake         Fort St. John

Saulteaux of East Moberly Lake         Fort St. John

Sawridge             Lesser Slave Lake

Scowlitz                Fraser

Scowlitz                New Westminster

Scugog            Simcoe

Seabird Island         Fraser

Seabird Island          New Westminster

Sechelt           Fraser

Sechelt          Vancouver

Seechelt              Vancouver

Seine River          Fort Frances

Selkirk          Yukon

Semiahmoo          Fraser


Semiahmoo           New Westminster

Seneca           Six Nations

Sept Iles               Sept Iles         

Sept-Iles              Sept-Iles

Sept-Iles              Seven Islands

Serpent River          Sault Ste. Marie

Serpent River          Thessalon

Serpent River    Sault Ste. Marie

Seton Lake          Lytton

Shackan               Nicola


Shamattawa          Nelson River

Shawanaga          Parry Sound


Sheguiandah          Manitoulin Island

Sheguiandah          Mantowaning

Sheshaht          West Coast


Sheshegwaning                       Gore Bay

Sheshegwaning                        Manitoulin Island

Shoal Lake

Shoal Lake          Carlton

Shoal Lake No. 39          Kenora

Shoal Lake No. 40          Kenora

Shoal River          Brandon

Shoal River          Dauphin

Shoal River          Portage la Prairie

Shubenacadie          Shubenacadie

Shubenacadie (Micmac)          Shubenacadie

Shuswap              Kootenay

Sioux Village          Portage la Prairie

Sioux Wahpaton               Carlton

Sioux Wahpaton               Prince Albert

Sioux-Wahpaton              Carlton

Siska         Lytton

Six Nations                          

Six Nations          Six Nations

Six Nations of the Grand River        Six Nations

Skawahlook        Fraser

Skidegate            North Coast                                                                                                       

Skidegate            Queen Charlotte

Skidegate            Skeena River

Skin Tyee             Burns Lake

Skookum Chuck                          Fraser

Skookum Chuck          New Westminster

Skulkayn              New Westminster

Skuppah              Lytton

Skwah           Fraser

Skwah           New Westminster

Skway   Fraser

Skway   New Westminster          

Slave D (Hay River)          Yellowknife

Slave "D" (Hay River)          Yellowknife

Slave E          Fort Resolution

Slave "E" (Fort Providence)          Yellowknife

Slave No. 2

Slave 2 (Fort Simpson)          Fort Norman

Slave, Hay Lake and Upper Hay River          Fort Vermilion

Slaves of Upper Hary River          Fort Vermilion

Sliammon            Fraser

Sliammon            Vancouver

Snag          Yukon

Snowdrift            District of Mackenzie

Snowdrift            Mackenzie

Snowdrift            Yellowknife

Soda Creek          Williams Lake

Somenos          Cowichan              


Songhees            Cowichan

Sooke          Cowichan

Soowahlie           Fraser

Soowahlie           New Westminster

South Bay            Manitoulin Island

Spallumcheen          Kootenay-Okanagan

Spallumcheen          Okanagan

Spanish River

Spanish River         Chapleau

Spanish River         Manitowaning

Spanish River         Sault Ste. Marie

Spanish River         Thessalon

Spanish River No. 1         Sault Ste. Marie

Spanish River No. 2         Sault Ste. Marie

Spanish River No. 3         Manitoulin Island            

Spanish River No. 3         Manitowaning

Split Lake             Nelson River

Split Lake             Norway House

Split Lake             The Pas               


Spuzzum              Lytton

Squamish            Fraser

Squamish            Vancouver

St. Mary's            Kingsclear

St. Mary's           Kootenay

St. Mary's            Kootenay-Okanagan

St. Peters

St. Peters            Clandeboye

St. Peter's          

St. Peter's           Clandeboye

St. Peter's           Fisher River       


St. Regis              

St. Regis          St. Regis

Standing Buffalo          File Hills-Qu'Appelle

Stangecoming           Fort Frances

Starblanket          File Hills-Qu'Appelle         

Stellako                                Stuart Lake

Stellaque             Stuart Lake

Stellaquo             Stuart Lake

Stewart River          Yukon

Stone    Williams Lake

Stony (Bearspaw)            Stony-Sarcee

Stony Creek          Stuart Lake

Stony Rapids          Athabaska

Stony Rapids      Meadow Lake

Stuart Lake          Stuart Lake

Stuart-Trembleur Lake       Stuart Lake

Sturgeon Lake   Carlton

Sturgeon Lake          Lesser Slave Lake

Sturgeon Lake (William Twatts)          Carlton

Sturgeon Lake (William Twatt's)                       Carlton

Sucker Creek

Sucker Creek          Lesser Slave Lake

Sucker Creek         Manitoulin Island

Sucker Lake

Sucker Lake        Manitoulin Island            

Sucker Lake          Manitowaning

Sumas             Fraser

Sumas           New Westminster

Sumas (Kilgard)          New Westminster

Sumas Kilgard          New Westminster

Sumas Lakahahmen          New Westminster

Sunchild Cree    Stony Sarcee

Sunchild Cree    Stony/Sarcee

Sunchild Cree    Stony-Sarcee

Swan Lake           Brandon

Swan Lake           Portage la Prairie

Swan River          Lesser Slave Lake

Sweet Grass       Battleford

Sydney           Eskasoni

Tache         Stuart Lake

Tahitan          Stikine

Tahltan         Yukon

Takla Lake           Stuart Lake

Tallcree          Fort Vermilion

Tanakteuk           Kwawkewlth

Tatche        Stuart Lake

Temagami           Nipissing

Temiskaming          Temiskaming

Teslin          Yukon

The Pas               

The Pas                         The Pas


Thessalon            Sault Ste. Marie

Thessalon            Thessalon

Thessalon            River Sault Ste. Marie

Thunderchild          Battleford

Timagami             Nipissing

Timagami             Sudbury

Timiskaming       Abitibi

Timiskaming       Timiskaming

Tobacco Plains        Kootenay

Tobique               Saint John River

Tobique               St. John River

Tobique          Tobique

Toosey          Williams Lake

Toquaht          West Coast

Trout Lake           Sioux Lookout

Truro          Shubenacadie

Tsartlip         Cowichan

Tsawataineuk          Kwawkewlth               

Tsawout          Cowichan

Tsawout-Saanich              Cowichan

Tsawwassen      Fraser

Tsawwassen          New Westminster

Tseycum              Cowichan

Tsislainli (Trembleur Lake)          Stuart Lake

Tsitak          Babine

Tsitsk           Babine

Turnour Island          Kwawkewlth

Tuscarora          Six Nations

Tyendinaga             Tyendinaga

Tyendinaga Mohawk         Tyendinaga

Tzeachten           Fraser

Tzeachten              New Westminster

Uchucklesaht          West Coast

Ucluelet               West Coast

Ulkatcho              Williams Lake

Union Bar            Fraser

Union Bar            Lytton

Union Bar           New Westminster

Upper Cayuga         Six Nations

Upper Cayuga, Six Nations          Six Nations

Upper Mohawk                Brantford

Upper Mohawk          Six Nations

Upper Mohawk, Six Nations          Six Nations

Upper Mohawk of the Six Nations           Six Nations

Upper Nicola      Nicola

Upper Nicola      Thompson River

Upper Similkameen          Okanagan

Valley River        Brandon

Valley River          Dauphin

Viger          Restigouche 

Viger          Viger

Wabasca              Lesser Slave Lake

Wabasca (Bigstone)        Lesser Slave Lake

Wabuskang            Kenora

Wabuskang          Sioux Lookout

Wabigoon             Kenora


Wahnapitae          Manitoulin Island

Wahnapitae           Mantowaning

Wahnapitae       Nipissing


Walker Mohawk          Six Nations

Walpole Island         Abitibi

Walpole Island        Caradoc

Walpole Island        St. Clair

Walpole Island       Walpole Island

Waswanipi          Abitibi

Waterhen           Dauphin

Waterhen           Meadow Lake

Waterhen Lake          Meadow Lake

Waywayseecappe           Portage la Prairie

Waywayseecappo           Birtle

Waywayseecappo           Brandon

Waywayseecappo           Portage la Prairie

Weenusk             James Bay          

West Bay                             

West Bay             Gore Bay

West Bay             Manitoulin Island

Westbank           Kootenay

Westbank           Kootenay-Okanagan

Westbank           Okanagan

Weymontachie          Abitibi

Weymontachie         Pointe Bleue

White Bear          Crooked Lake

Whitebear          Crooked Lake

Whitefish            Kenora

Whitefish Bay         Kenora

Whitefish Lake          Lesser Slave Lake

Whitefish Lake          Nipissing

Whitefish Lake          Sturgeon Falls

Whitefish Lake  Sudbury

Whitefish River

Whitefish River                 Manitoulin

Whitefish River                 Manitoulin Island

Whitefish River                 Manitowaning  


Whitehorse          Yukon

Whitesand          Nakina

Whitesand          Port Arthur

Whycocomagh          Eskasoni

Wikwemikong         Manitoulin Island

William Charles          Carlton

William Charles (Montreal Lake)          Carlton

Williams Lake          Williams Lake

Wolf Lake            Abitibi

Wolf Lake            Temiskaming

Wood Mountain               File Hills-Qu'Appelle

Wood Mountain               Saskatchewan Administration Region

Wood Mountain Sioux          Saskatchewan Administration Region

Woodstock         Kingsclear

Woodstock         Saint John River

Woodstock         St. John River


Wyandottes of Anderdon

Yellowknife "A"                        Yellowknife

Yellowknife "B"         Districk of Mackenzie

Yellowknife "B"          Fort Resolution

Yellowknife "B"         Mackenzie

Yellowknife "B"         Yellowknife

York Factory          Churchill

York Factory          Churchill District

York Factory          Nelson River

York Factory          The Pas            

York Factory          York Factory District

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26.10 | 02:43

I suggest you submit an Access to Information request to Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada asking for any and all documents they have for Mr. Rott.

26.10 | 01:30

Searching for Wilhelm Rott who docked at Pier 21, Halifax, Nova Scotia on January 14, 1957 on the MS Seven Seas. I do not see him on your list.

18.10 | 13:24

There are no Johnstones but McDonalds from Crane River, Fort Alexander, Nelson House, Peguis, and Sandy Bay Bands. Please email

13.10 | 14:08

Any Johnstone's or McDonald's from Selkirk Man area who gave up Indian status?